For we are Conquerors

For we are Conquerors
I have overcome the WORLD!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my dream trip

I have been dreaming to travel alone. I mean, without the kids tugging behind me. I traveled before many times already but with 3 restless kids with me, how could I enjoy? It was just adream actually until my mother in law asked me if i want to attend a womens camp in Cebu, I said yes and she said she will sponsor my trip including the allowance.I did not expect that someone would sponsor me and it would be this soon. The schedule would be tomorrow May 1, but Iwas packed up last monday already april 27. Thats how excited I am. I got all the things that I need for 3 solid days (of course my canon digicam is with me too) and I checked my bag every now and then to see if there are still important things that I was not able to put in my bag. I got a discounted fare because of the advance booking promo of the Super Ferry. Instead of having it for about 800 pesos, I only got my ticket for about 450 pesos only. Isn't it amazing how God did it all for me? I just wonder what it would be like to be in theboat (with friends) again. It has been so long. 

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