For we are Conquerors

For we are Conquerors
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Smart Broadband not Internet Anywhere Everywhere at all

I had moved to the skirts of the city where we have to purchase 400 meter long water hose for us to have a water supply line in our new place. I also left my 1Mbps Bayal Tel internet connection and my Parasat Premium Cable has also to be cut-off.

Months passed, and my craving for internet at home came to me. One day on our way home I saw Smart’s advertisement on their quick installation of SMART Broadband at 314KBps for 999 a month which I thought not so fast enough (compared to my BayanTel’s 1MBps @799/mo) but I have no other choice. I already requested Philcom and BayanTel to resurvey the area at Macanhan, Acasia Extension for the possibility of servicing this area but to no avail. I approached Smart’s Agent called “Marlo” and requested him that I am interested to subscribe their BroadBand service. He said I only need to pay the 1 month advance payment in wireless center in LKKS then wait for 24hours and their service rep would call me to schedule the supposed setup, that was Feb 29, 2009. 3 days passed and I called their hotline *1888 and inquired of the status of my application. The CSRep told me I have to wait again for 24 hours as they will be scheduling the installation. Again, another 2 days passed which prompted me to give them again a call and made follow-up. I got so annoyed of their service, that the next few days of not hearing from them again makes me feel like Smart’s CSR are just kidding me, and I called them again (in my mind, I was thinking of releasing the anger in my head) luckily, at my 5th call in their hotline this, apologetic pretty voice young lady was the one handling my call which helped me controlled my temper. She said Sir, tomorrow we will call you for your installation. So I filed a VL from my work and was so excited and was expecting them to call me in the morning as was suggested by that pretty voice. Past 12 in the afternoon came, I called them again and (in low tone of inquiry) “You told me I will be expecting your crew to be here in the morning, I took a leave from work just for this and they are nowhere”. As time clicks until past 5PM as I was about to loss hope they would come, my phone rang!!! Its the installer from SMART!! Yeheey!! I was jumping and was excited, though the sun was already setting. They right away pulled their gadgets off their motorcycle and started to roll their sleeves. After about two hours of going up and down our roof, they could not get a good signal quality. They said it only needs LOS (line of sight) of their antenna for it to work which was confirmed to be OK. And later on they gave up… sigh…. they said, Sir the next thing you should do now is to get refund of your 1 month advance payment. Smart’s wirelessbroadband is not Internet anywhere, everywhere at all!

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